Veterinary Technician

Adriana is our rockstar vet technician! She is as hands-on as it gets and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. Being a mom to two young boys, it’s safe to say she’s used to chaos! Adriana received her degree in Animal Science from the Vet Tech Institute of Houston in 2010 and began working at a veterinary clinic in Dallas shortly after. She truly has a passion for animals and treats each patient as if they were her own.
She enjoys the fact that no day is ever the same here at ReadiVet. We visit an array of patients all throughout the day and being in a fast-paced environment is a challenge that Adriana thrives in!
Siamese Mix Cat (Mica) Blue Iguana (Drogo) Argentinian Tegu (Ophelia)
Favorite Food
Her mom’s home cooking because it’s made with love!
Fun Fact
Adriana loves flying kites with her two boys.