Veterinary care in the comfort of your home.

ReadiVet’s mobile vet services trade the waiting room for your living room, so your pet can stay out of the clinic and enjoy the comfort of their own couch.

Our mobile veterinarians and veterinary technicians don’t disrupt the environment where your pet thrives – meaning less stress for our patients and their people.

Book an Appointment

Simply book an appointment online or call/text our office and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you. From vaccines to sick care, our veterinarians have you covered!

ReadiVet Comes to You

One of our experienced veterinarians and their accompanying veterinary technician will arrive at your door, ready to tend to your pet in the comfort of their own home. Busy day? Our vet team can visit your pet when you're at work, all while you join via video chat.

Happy, Healthy and
Stress Free

It’s as simple as that. Full-service veterinary care, without the stress of going to a clinic. Keep your pet calm and cared for in the comfort of their own home!​

Our Locations

Providing mobile veterinary services across the South.

Happy Pet Owners. Happy Pets.

Don't just take our word for it. Hear from some of our satisfied clients.

Why Choose ReadiVet?

Less Stress, Less Anxiety

Going to the vet can be stressful!

Not only for our pets, but also us pet parents. For our pets, there are unknown smells, strangers everywhere, in addition to the fact that they may not be feeling their best. For pet parents, it is the emotional toll of putting them through something that causes them distress – all while reshuffling your entire day to make sure you have the time to make the trip. ReadiVet saves you and your pet the stress by coming directly to your home.

Incredible Convenience

It means never having to choose between your pet and “a meeting you can’t miss”.

After we have visited your pet once with you present, we can take care of your best friend while you’re at work, running an errand, or stuck at the airport. We can even video chat with you the entire time so that you don’t miss a thing.​

Transparent, Affordable Pricing

Other than your pet’s health, nothing is more valuable to us than your trust.

We believe in completely transparent pricing and will only recommend what we believe is in the best interest of your pet.

The ReadiVet Difference

We pride ourselves on being the top choice for pet parents who want to give their loved ones the best. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and thrive on the long-lasting relationships we build with our clients and patients.


If you have additional questions we haven’t covered in our FAQ, please reach out to us and we will give you a straight answer. We are dedicated to earning your trust through providing full transparency and incredible care for your pet.

ReadiVet is an at-home veterinary care service. One of our veterinarians and their veterinary technician come to your home and provide a full range of veterinary care services for your pet. From vaccines to sick care, we do it all.

ReadiVet is affordable because our vets don’t go very far. The vet that services you, services your neighbors – and that’s about it. As a result, they don’t drive halfway across town to get to their next appointment. Not only does our limited service area make care affordable, but our “local but mobile” vets also know the problems facing the pets in your area. Urban pets and rural pets are two different breeds!

You do not! We can get a key from under the mat or the front desk of your apartment building. Your vet will communicate with you over the phone or via teleconference during the visit. If it’s your pet’s first appointment without you there, we require that you join for at least the beginning of the visit over teleconference to make sure we get to know you and your pet.

Yes! In fact, ReadiVet started in the heart of Uptown Dallas where most of our patients are living the apartment life.


We do offer at-home euthanasia for pets about to pass over the rainbow bridge. We can transport and cremate your pet, privately or communally.

Please understand that appointment availability is limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request notice 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time for at-home visits and 48 hours for surgical/dental procedures. Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without proper notice, will incur a fee equal to the exam and travel fee.

If for any reason your pet needs more care than we can provide at home, such as x-rays or surgery, ReadiVet can transport your pet to our fully equipped office and back for $99 roundtrip.

We do! Let us know that you have pet insurance at the time of booking your appointment. After your pet’s appointment is complete, we will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to your pet insurance provider for reimbursement. 

ReadiVet requires a credit or debit card to confirm a booking. However, we will not charge your card until a bill has been finalized after the visit. 

After hours and your pet isn't feeling their best?

The ReadiVet team dedicates their time during the week to bringing convenient, trustworthy care to your pets. We do not provide emergency services outside of normal business hours. If you believe your pet may be experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please contact an emergency care facility near you.

What's an emergency?