At-Home End-of-Life Care

In-home euthanasia and end-of-life care tailored to give your beloved pet their best last days.

Our pets don’t live long enough for us – and while they are living, they give us everything they have.

As the only medical profession licensed to perform this gift, it’s our honor to provide a compassionate, peaceful and dignified goodbye to your best friend in the comfort of home.

Quality of Life & Hospice Care for Your Pets

Sometimes, you just “know” the right time. But often, pet parents struggle to find the middle ground between giving up early and waiting too long.

As a guide to this decision, we recommend scheduling a Quality of Life Assessment with one of our vets. We’ll meet your pet and objectively help you with decision-making guidance. We treat these appointments with extra compassion because we understand this is not an intuitive decision for most pet parents.

ReadiVet also offers hospice care and pain management plans to give senior pets their best days at home. 

In-Home Euthanasia for Your Dog or Cat

Many pet parents choose at-home euthanasia to alleviate the emotional burden of driving to a clinic, anxiously sitting in a waiting room, and not coming home with their beloved pet.  

The blessing of an at-home experience is that your pet is surrounded by familiarity in their final moments – at home, on their bed or favorite spot, surrounded in love by the presence of their family.

Upon our arrival, we explain the at-home process and let each family decide which spot to share their pet’s final moments in. After the last injection is given and your pet has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we step out and allow as much time as you need to honor and be with your pet. Under no circumstances will we ever rush you, and when you’re ready, we respectfully handle aftercare, including transportation for cremation.

When is the right time to say goodbye? Read our FAQ blog on the right time for at-home pet euthanasia. 

Pet Cremation Services

ReadiVet partners with local, trusted cremation services and handles the entire process on your behalf.

  • With private cremation, your pet will be individually cremated. Your pet’s ashes are returned to us in 1-2 weeks and we deliver them to your at home, along with a memorial gift from us.
  • With communal cremation, your pet will be cremated alongside other beloved pets, and the combined ashes are scattered in a Garden of Remembrance.

If you do elect to bury your pet at home, make sure to check the local regulations in your area. Our veterinarians do not assist with burial preparations.

Schedule a Quality of Life Assessment*

Click here to book online or submit your interest below and someone from our office will call you to schedule a quality of life assessment.

*At this time we only perform quality of life assessments in our ReadiVet Service Areas.
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