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ReadiVet Health Club provides routine care for your pet. Our trusted veterinary technicians will visit your pet in the comfort of your own home to help keep them happy and healthy. 

Currently our ReadiVet Health Club is only available in Dallas service area.

The Health Club does not provide veterinary services.
Please schedule a ReadiVet appointment if your pet is in need of medical care.

General Wellbeing

Nose-to-Tail Coverage

Every membership package includes the following services.

Monthly Prevention Administration

Our team will take the hassle out of remembering when to give prevention and make sure it is administered as recommended (active prescription preventative supplied by client).

General Wellbeing

While our experienced technicians cannot diagnosis or provide medical intervention, they will keep an eye out for anything of concern that might need the expertise from one of our licensed veterinarians.

Nail Trim

Keep them comfortable and your furniture and floors protected with a routine mani/pedi for your pet.

Weight Tracking

Our team will weigh your pet at each visit and monitor any fluctuations over time.

Ear Cleaning

Prevent ear infections and hey, maybe they’ll even hear you a little better when you tell them to, “get off the counter!”

Gland Expression

So fresh and so clean clean. Our professional staff with “eliminate” this concern.

Breed Dependent Services

For breeds that require a little more attention, our trusted technicians will provide paw trims, sanitary trims and ear plucking as needed.

Teeth Brushing and Dental Staging

Say cheese! We will give them a good teeth brushing and monitor overall teeth and gum health.

Membership Pricing

One Visit


per visit

This membership option provides you with the freedom to dip your paw in the water and give us a try!

Each additional pet receives 25% off their membership!

Six Visits


SAVE $95!

With our Six Visit Membership, your pet will receive six visits from our veterinary technician team.

Each additional pet receives 25% off their membership!

Twelve Visits


SAVE $285!

Our Twelve Visit Membership gives your pet the same benefits as our other memberships, but with an added bonus – it includes three free visits!

Each additional pet receives 25% off their membership!

The best of both worlds

Routine pet care by your trusted veterinary team

Routine Pet Care

We'll keep your best friend looking their best! Every appointment includes a nail trim and teeth brushing. For our extra furry friends, we'll provide a paw and sanitary trim, all completed by one of our trusted vet technicians.

Trustworthy Vet Care

ReadiVet is known for bringing trustworthy veterinary care right to you, and the ReadiVet Health Club is no exception! We'll administer your pet's heartworm/flea & tick prevention medication, clean their ears, provide a gland expression and check their weight.

Become a Member

Who can join?

The Health Club is available to clients who live in our Dallas service area. We ask that your pet be up-to-date on their wellness exam.

Not a ReadiVet client? Book an exam with one of our awesome veterinarians by clicking here or call/text our office at (469) 369-2456. Once your pet has been seen by a ReadiVet veterinarian, your pet will be eligible to join the ReadiVet Health Club!

Call or text us

Complete the information below or call/text our office at (469) 369-2456. Our Health Club Manager will reach out to you to answer your questions and help you choose the right membership for your four-legged friend!

ReadiVet Health Club FAQS

If you have additional questions we haven’t covered in our FAQ, please reach out to us and we will give you a straight answer. We are dedicated to earning your trust through providing full transparency and incredible care for your pet.
Simply give us a call at (469) 369-2456 and select the ReadiVet Health Club option. Our dedicated Health Club team member will be happy to assist you!
ReadiVet Health Club visits do not include any veterinary medical care (e.g., annual wellness exams, surgery, medications, testing, diagnostics, etc.
ReadiVet requires a credit or debit card to confirm your membership. 
If you need to reschedule your pet’s visit, we ask that you call or text our office at (469) 369-2456 with at least 24 hour advance notice of your original scheduled visit. If a reschedule request is made less than 24 hours in advance, a $25 rescheduling fee will be charged to your account.
In the instance we arrive at your home for a scheduled visit and cannot get in contact with you, the visit will be forfeited and we will not be able to reschedule your visit or provide a refund.

One Visit = Must be used within 90 days of date of purchase.

Six Visit Package = Must be used within 1 year of date of purchase.

Twelve Visit Package = Must be used within 18 months from date of purchase.

All visits that have not been completed prior to the package expiration date will be forfieted and cannot be rolled over into another package.

Yes! The following services can also be provided by our veterinary technician team during a Health Club visit. Services administered will be charged in addition to your Health Club membership.

To ensure our team comes prepared to care for your pet, we ask that you text/call us at (469) 369-2456 to request an additional service 48 hours in advance of your pet’s scheduled visit.

– Allergy injections
– Fluids
– Heartworm test
– Medication delivery / pick-up
– Sanitary/paw trims
– Vaccinations (excluding rabies)

In the event that your pet passes over the rainbow bridge, we will cancel your membership without any fee.